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Mission Statement

National security whistleblowers provide accountability for governmental action that is even more critical than that found in the non-national security case.  When national security whistleblowers bring to public light unseemly or illegal governmental activity, they are exposing activity that not only affects the public coffers but the very lives and safety of United States citizens.  For this reason, national security whistleblowers are indispensable in furthering governmental accountability and the public safety.  The stakes involved in exposure of wrongdoing in the area of national security are so high that administrators implicated in the activities often respond harshly against the whistleblower or potential whistleblower in an effort to intimidate employees or to undermine the credibility of the whistleblower.

Presently, law, governmental policy, and mechanisms of administrative accountability are completely ineffective in protecting national security whistleblowers and encouraging national security employees to report wrongdoing.  This, in itself, compromises the national security of the United States, since this lack of protection for whistleblowers creates a disincentive for employees to come forward to report malfeasance that puts the public at risk.

Given the injustice frequently visited on whistleblowers and the fact that retaliation against national security whistleblowers threatens the safety of all Americans, the NSWBC has the following goals: 

  • Reform of government practice, administrative procedure, and law to provide meaningful and reliable protection for national security whistleblowers.

  • Implementation of measures to provide for substantial and pervasive accountability to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in governmental agencies tasked to insure national security.

  • Creation of a reservoir of knowledge, contacts, and expertise on national security whistleblowing to provide information and resources to the public, elected officials, and federal administrators.

  • Creation of a community of national security whistleblowers to provide guidance, advice, and comfort to whistleblowers suffering retaliation.

  • Cooperation with other public interest organizations to promote policy changes in government consistent with securing the welfare of whistleblowers and protecting the national security



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