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Bergman, Bill, Former Senior Financial Market Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Bill Bergman has twenty years of experience in financial markets, working in a variety of roles in investment banking, equity research, economic research and financial market policy analysis.  He earned an M.B.A. as well as an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago in 1990, and then worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for 13 years.  His research work at the Fed included writing the Chicago Fed contribution to the Federal Reserve "beige book."  Some recent issue areas he has worked on include the implications national emergency and war powers pose for the Federal Reserve, money laundering, and wholesale payment system design, risk, performance and pricing.

Bigelow, Steve, Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Joint Chiefs of Staff, J-33

Steve Bigelow served on active duty in the USAF for nearly 33 years.  He was enlisted ten years; four years in Supply and six years in Procurement.  After commissioning, he worked in TS/SCI programs including assignments to the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Special Projects, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Current Operations.  While at the JCS/J-33, he was liaisoned to the National Security Office.  He reported a procurement irregularity to the JCS and NSA IG.  The incumbent contractor lost a $250 million five-year contract.  In violation of regulations, he was removed from the JCS.  He refused an Article 15 and demanded a Court-martial.  Instead, he received three Letters of Reprimand and was threatened with removal from the Lieutenant Colonel Promotion List.  After three years, he was reassigned and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  The US Supreme Court refused to hear his invasion of privacy case.

Black, P. Jeffrey, Federal Air Marshal (FAMS), TSA/DHS

P. Jeffrey Black is currently a front-line Federal Air Marshal deterring and preventing terrorist activities and other incidents onboard commercial aircraft.  He is a former Air Force Security Specialist, Naval Command Criminal Investigator, and Border Patrol Agent. In August 2004, Black testified before the Chief Counsel of Oversight and Investigations of the House Judiciary Committee, where he exposed dangerous agency internal policies that promoted aviation security breaches and conditions that seriously jeopardized the health and safety of air marshals, flight crews, and airline passengers.  Black also filed numerous complaints with OPR and OIG exposing systemic abuses of authority, gross mismanagement, and prohibited personnel practices that were being committed by agency management.  As expected, Black is currently receiving severe and continual retaliation from his agency in response to his whistleblowing disclosures –– retaliation that has caused detrimental changes in his official duties, responsibilities, and working conditions.

Bonnette, James Sr., District Adjudications Officer, Citizenship and Immigration Services-DHS

James Bonnette Sr. is currently with DHS CIS.  He has been with INS/DHS for over twenty-six years in the Border Patrol as an agent, Course Developer/Instructor at the Border Patrol Academies, Immigration Inspector and in the Examinations branches.  While in the INS/DHS he has reported fraud, waste, abuse, official corruption and violations of civil rights.  He has reported violations of law and suspected criminal activity to various entities such as OSC, OPR, OIG and Congress. His most recent complaints were to Congress about the manner in which DHS volunteers for Katrina efforts were mishandled.

Brown, James R., Former Operations Officer, Senior CI-HUMINT Investigator, Dept of Army, MICECP

Mr. Brown served on active duty in the US Marine Corps, and with reserve time has over 25 years of service.  He possesses MOSs of Grunt, Admin and Operations, Information Systems and CI/HUMINT.  In 1987 he applied to and was selected to the MICECP, where he conducted investigations and operations to locate, identify and neutralize personnel and organizations which posed a threat to U.S. personnel, facilities, information and other U.S. interests world-wide.  After he reported an Intel Oversight issue, as required under Army Regulation 381-10 (U.S. Army Intelligence Activities), an investigation was conducted against him, based on the information he reported. His clearance was revoked and he was summarily removed from federal service.

Carman, John, Former Senior Customs Inspector, U.S. Customs, San Diego, California 

John Carman is a veteran with over 25 years experience in federal & local law enforcement, having served with the U.S. Secret Service, the San Diego Police Department, the U.S. Treasury Mint Police, and U.S. Customs. While with U.S. Customs he served with the specialized border enforcement section of Customs covering the U.S.-Mexican border. John is currently a Private Investigator and does consultation work regarding WPA issues.  www.carmaninvestigations.com

Carpenter, Shawn, Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Shawn Carpenter served in the United States Navy for six years as a nuclear propulsion plant operator and chemist.  Following his military service, he worked as a member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, in the fields of network intrusion detection and computer forensics.  While at Sandia, he discovered that hundreds of computer networks at major US defense contractors, military installations and government agencies were being systematically compromised, and sensitive information was being stolen by hackers.  When he brought details of this activity to the attention of his superiors, he was instructed not to share the information with anyone, and that management only cared about Sandia’s computers.  He felt this response was inappropriate, given his obligation to preserve national security, and instead worked with the FBI to address the problem.  When Sandia discovered he was working with the FBI, they fired him and removed his security clearance for cause.

Cleary, Kevin J., Senior Special Agent, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security/ICE & U.S. Customs Service

Kevin Cleary spent twenty-eight years in federal criminal investigation and law enforcement in the fields of narcotics and general federal crimes.  While at U.S Customs Service, O.I. he uncovered and reported drug related public corruption and the compromise of a federal drug interdiction program.  Despite repeatedly reporting the offenses to OI and IA and the Treasury Inspector General’s Office, no action was ever taken. He has been continuously subjected to retaliation for making those disclosures.  He holds a Baccalaureate Degree with Honors in Criminal Justice.

Cole, John M., Former Veteran Intelligence Operations Specialist, FBI

John M. Cole, Former Veteran Intelligence Operations Specialist, worked for 18 years in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division as an Intelligence Operations specialist. One of his tasks at FBI HQ was to conduct risk assessment for FBI foreign-born translators and analyst applicants. Beginning in 1999, he discovered and began reporting serious issues of mismanagement, gross negligence, security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. He wrote these issues in several letters to FBI management, to include Director Mueller to no avail. After he reported these acts to FBI management, he was retaliated against, and ultimately left the FBI in March 2004. Mr. Cole currently works as a senior counterintelligence analyst.

Conrad, David “Mark”, Retired Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs

David “Mark” Conrad is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the U.S. Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs. He was responsible for the internal integrity and security for areas encompassing nine states and two foreign locations. He has a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Management and appeared on ABC’s PrimeTime Live in 1998 over the objections of the legacy Customs Service. He started law school while with internal affairs because he saw so many employees who were getting shafted by the system because they could not afford representation. He is licensed to practice in Texas and represents only federal employees who are the victims of discrimination, adverse actions and whistleblowing retaliation. He is presently a full time professor of Criminal Justice at Troy University and his name has been submitted to the White House for one of three senior positions within Homeland Security. 

Davidson, Kathaleen, Nuclear Security Training Coordinator, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Kathaleen served on active duty for the U.S. Army for six years and served with the Massachusetts Army National Guard for another fifteen years.  She was employed in the Security field at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station for sixteen years, starting as an Armed Officer in 1988.  After moving through the ranks of Supervision she was promoted to the Training Department in 1999 and finally in 2004, promoted to the Training Coordinators position.  In response to the Training Order issued by the NRC and the facilities actions regarding the order, Ms. Davidson started bringing her concerns both verbally and in writing to her chain of command, which eventually resulted in termination of her employment in May of 2005.

Dzakovic, Bogdan, Former Red Team Leader, FAA

Bogdan Dzakovic is a former Coast Guard Officer, Federal Criminal Investigator and has a graduate degree in Security Administration.  He has worked for the Security Division of the Federal Aviation Administration since 1987 as a Special Agent, as a Team Leader in the Federal Air Marshals, and from 1995 until September 11, 2001 was a Team Leader of the Red Team (terrorist team).  He tried for several years prior to the 9-11 attacks to improve aviation security in the face of the ever-increasing terrorist threat.  This included working through the established chain of command, with the Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General, with the General Accountability Office, and with members of both the House and Senate of the Congress of the United States.  He filed a Whistleblower Case against the Federal Aviation Administration and testified at the 9-11 Commission.

Edmonds, Sibel, Former Language Specialist, FBI

Sibel Edmonds worked as a language specialist for the FBI’s Washington Field Office. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against by the FBI and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her issues have been blocked by the assertion of “State Secret Privilege” by Attorney General Ashcroft; the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification by the Department of Justice. Ms. Edmonds is fluent in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani; and has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, and a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University. PEN American Center awarded Ms. Edmonds the 2006 PEN/Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her "commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy". (www.justacitizen.com)

Ellsberg, Daniel, Former Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (ISA), DOD

Daniel Ellsberg grew up in Detroit and graduated from Harvard. He served as a company commander in the Marine Corps for two years, and then completed a doctorate in economics at Harvard. In 1959 he joined the Rand Corporation’s Economic Department as an analyst, and in 1964 he was recruited to serve in the Pentagon under Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. In 1971 he made headlines around the world when he released the Pentagon Papers. Now a prominent speaker, writer, and activist, Daniel Ellsberg lives in California and Washington, D.C. (www.ellsberg.net ) 

Elson, Steve, Veteran Agent, FAA

Steve Elson has twenty-two years military experience, primarily in Naval Special Warfare. He has nine years Federal Service with DEA/FAA, and one year with Local Law Enforcement in Undercover Narcotics.  Mr. Elson specializes in Counterterrorism, Intelligence, and Security, both nationally and internationally, enhanced by a wide range of training and advanced studies in diverse topics relating to security, leadership, and intelligence. He holds a Masters Degree in National Security Affairs/Naval Intelligence with a focus on Terrorism. 

Forbes, David, Aviation, Logistics and Govt. Security Analysts

David Forbes is a former officer in charge of the Thames Valley Police Fraud Squad United Kingdom. His expertise includes the design and implementation of security programs that successfully combine manpower with technology. He has directed and supervised the introduction of security systems for corporate offices, computer suites, aviation facilities and logistics warehouses in several countries; and has been a pioneer for improving air cargo security protocols since the late eighties and the loss of Pan Am 103. Recognized for his contribution by the FAA in 1996, he has been engaged in security analyst work in the United States since then and now manages an aviation, logistics and government security consulting business in Evergreen Colorado. In 2003 he conducted an independent security study of the American commercial aviation system. David has a Masters degree in Security Management from Loughborough, United Kingdom.

Gonzalez, Sandalio, Retired Federal Agent, DEA

Sandy Gonzalez retired from the DEA as Special Agent in Charge of the El Paso, Texas Field Division in January 2005 after 32 years in law enforcement. He began his career in 1972 at the local level in Los Angeles, California and joined the DEA in 1978. As a Senior Executive Service management official in the DEA, he reported serious allegations of wrongdoing and cover-ups by federal agents and prosecutors in Miami, Florida and El Paso, Texas, and was ignored. He was also the target of an internal investigation and was involuntarily transferred and retaliated against by the Department of Justice and the DEA.

Goodman, Melvin A., former senior analyst, CIA

Melvin Goodman is senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington, DC and adjunct professor of international relations at Johns Hopkins University.  He served at the CIA as senior Soviet analyst from 1966-1990 and as professor of international security at the National War College from 1986-2004.  He resigned from the CIA in 1990 to protest the politicization of intelligence on the Soviet Union and testified to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 1991 against the confirmation of Robert M. Gates as director of central intelligence. At the time of his resignation, Goodman was a member of the Senior Intelligence Staff.  He is the author and co-author of five books on international relations including "The Wars of Eduard Shevardnadze," "The Phantom Defense: America's Pursuit of the Star Wars Illusion," and "Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives are Putting the World at Risk." 

Guagliardi, Raymond J, Former Training Coordinator, DHS/TSA

Ray Guagliardi is the former training coordinator for the Transportation security Administration at Buffalo International Airport. Prior to this assignment he was a member of TSA’s Mobile Force traveling to various airports training their screening personnel. In November of 2003 Mr. Guagliardi reported security violations to his bosses regarding baggage going on planes not being properly checked for explosives. When his bosses did not act he sent the information up the chain of command. In January 2004, Mr. Guagliardi was dismissed and a Whistleblower complaint was filed against the TSA/DHS. His case is over 300 days old from original file date and 1 year in the investigation stage.

Hirsch, Daniel M., Foreign Service Officer,  Department of State

Daniel Hirsch is an FS-01 (GS-15 level) officer with 26 years of Government  service, first in the CIA and then in the State Department. He served in ten overseas postings, as well as at the U.N. and in headquarters. He received a dozen performance awards, including a Department-wide award for excellence. In 1998 he played a major role in exposing improper investigative activities
by the State Department's OIG, which has since improved its procedures. In March 2003 the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service suspended his security clearance pending a "review of his suitability for service." Mr. Hirsch was assigned to unclassified makeshift duties. The purpose and topics of the continuing investigation have never been disclosed. Mr. Hirsch is trilingual in English, French and Portuguese and speaks fluent Russian. He has a B.S. in Zoology.

Hnatio, John, Former International Program Manager, DNN, NNSA & DOE

In the 1980’s, John Hnatio served as a nuclear safeguards specialist who conducted independent inspections of security at DOE nuclear weapons sites.  The reviews highlighted serious management failures that allowed security problems to go unresolved for decades.  For refusing to concur on a misleading report to President Reagan downplaying serious security problems, Hnatio’s superiors threatened his security clearance and he was “back burnered,” no longer allowed to conduct inspections.  In the 1990’s, as a senior manager for a cooperative nonproliferation program with the former Soviet Union, Hnatio discovered that elements of the US government were funding dangerous projects involving the development of new biological pathogens with Russian institutes that could have military applications.  For reporting his concerns to his superiors that such activities were violating US treaty obligations and export control laws Hnatio was forced to retire.  Hnatio retired from the National Nuclear Security Administration in October 2004. 

Levine, Michael, Retired Supervisory Special Agent/Covert Operations Specialist, DEA

Michael Levine, one of DEA's most decorated international undercover officers, is a veteran of 25 years of service. He is also a court-qualified expert witness, trial consultant, lecturer and the host of THE EXPERT WITNESS RADIO show whose microphones are now open to NSWBC.   As an international undercover operative he witnessed the intentional destruction of undercover investigations targeting major international heroin and cocaine trafficking organizations who also happened to be CIA assets.   Among the actions reported was blowing of the cover of an undercover operation—Operation Trifecta— that had penetrated the top of a corrupt Mexican government, by Edwin Meece the then US Attorney General. When Michael’s attempts at alerting his superiors via in-house memorandums and then mainstream media were “buried,” and Michael himself placed under investigation, he went directly to the public in his books, the New York Times best-seller Deep Cover and the national best-seller The Big White Lie.   Web sites:  http://www.policetrialexpert.com & http://www.expertwitnessradio.org

Maschke, George W., Former Intelligence Officer, U.S. Army Reserve

George Maschke served as an enlisted interrogator and strategic debriefer in the U.S. Army and as an intelligence officer in the Army Reserve. He has working proficiency in the Arabic and Persian (Farsi) languages. As a reserve officer, he served tours of duty in support of FBI Joint Terrorist Task Forces in Washington, DC during the first Persian Gulf War and in New York following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Later, when he applied to become an FBI special agent, he was falsely accused of deception regarding espionage related matters during a pre-employment polygraph examination. In 2000, in his capacity as a private citizen, he co-founded AntiPolygraph.org, a non-profit, public interest website dedicated to exposing and ending waste, fraud, and abuse associated with the use of polygraphs. Shortly thereafter, the Army revoked his security clearance.

McCullers, Shawn B., Federal Air Marshal (FAMS), TSA/DHS

Shawn B. McCullers served with the U.S. Border Patrol for six years before serving with the Federal Air Marshal Service from July 2002 to January 2006. While at the FAMS, McCullers discovered and reported gross mismanagement, chronic abuse of power, and serious criminal violations with regard to prohibited personnel practices, workers’ compensation claims, and civil rights violations. In addition, he reported widespread health problems among air marshals due to agency management blatantly ignoring the serious health risks of increased flying hours. McCullers ultimately filed complaints with OSC, OIG, OPR, and EEOC.  His complaints were denied by OSC, but have been accepted for investigation by OPR and EEOC. Agency managers immediately commenced retaliation against McCullers and subsequently terminated his federal employment based upon his "inability to perform the essential functions of a Federal Air Marshal”. McCullers holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

McGrath, William B., Former Special Agent, NY Office, FBI

William McGrath investigated a wide variety of crimes including drugs, white collar, violent crimes and civil rights violations at the Resident Agency in Plattsburgh, NY. While assigned to the New York Office, he coordinated contractor security clearances during a multimillion-dollar renovation project in the office.  For the following three years he investigated Russian organized crime. Mr. McGrath was a member of the Evidence Response Team (ERT) and he conducted searches in support of numerous investigations.  He was also an FBI certified police instructor and he regularly made oral presentations on crime scene management to state and local police.  While assigned to the FBI New York Office, he blew the whistle on a plan by New York Office management officials to inappropriately utilize an informant in a high profile public corruption case involving an elected official. He holds a Masters Degree in engineering.

McGovern, Raymond L., Former Analyst, CIA

Ray McGovern’s 27-year career as a CIA analyst spanned administrations from John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush. Ray’s duties at CIA included chairing National Intelligence Estimates and preparing the President’ Daily Brief (PDB).  During the mid-eighties, Ray was one of the senior analysts conducting early morning briefings of the PDB one-on-one with the Vice President, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Ray received his B.A., summa cum laude, from Fordham College, designated a Distinguished Military Graduate, he was commissioned upon graduation and served as an infantry/intelligence officer in the US Army from 1962-64.  Ray holds an M.A. in Russian Studies from Fordham University and a certificate in Theological Studies from Georgetown University.  He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

McLaughlin, John R., Active Narcotics/Intelligence Agent, Pennsylvania Attorney General

“Sparky” McLaughlin, a highly decorated  29 year plus Veteran Law Enforcement Agent, initiated an investigation into a U.S.-DOS/CIA backed Dominican Presidential candidate which was suspected of being funded by Narco-Traffickers. These same traffickers contributed thousands at a September 1996 New York State Democratic Committee fundraiser attended by Al Gore. DOS Interfered when Agents attempted to seize the drug funds and then applied a smear campaign and a phony corruption investigation to sully the Agent's reputation.  Agent's testimony before the SSCI Investigators is now classified and the Agent is still “off the street” 11 years later, but won a retaliation lawsuit after the first suit failed involving suing the CIA, DOS, EUSA, PRD , FBI , and the Pennsylvania Attorney General. Agent McLaughlin as of July 1st, 2006 now finds that some unknown agency has placed him on the TSA’s “Selectee” List."

Nowacki, Michael, Former Staff Sergeant, Military Intelligence, United States Army

Michael Nowacki served in the United States Army for a total of 10 years. He served on active duty in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, in 2004-2005, he worked as a Counterintelligence Agent and Interrogator in Baghdad, Iraq. He experienced and witnessed abuses and misconduct in detainee operations and source operations. After his chain of command took no corrective action in regards to these problems, he granted an interview to an embedded reporter and spoke out about what he witnessed. His chain of command retaliated against him, causing him to choose not to renew his enlistment in the Army. He currently works as a police officer and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Policy Administration.

Nunn, Sandy G., Former Special Agent, Office of Enforcement, U.S. Customs Service

Sandy Nunn is a Former Special Agent with the U.S. Customs Service, Office of Enforcement in Los Angeles where she enforced Customs laws dealing with money laundering, narcotics interdiction, and arms smuggling. Past accomplishments include: Case Agent for a major international money laundering investigation featured in TIME and BusinessWeek, undercover agent in a major arms case, two diplomatic posts in Europe, several Secret Service teams, and numerous awards. In 1999, she became a national security whistleblower when she raised issues regarding border and port security to Congressional officials and the media. Currently, she serves as the President of SIG International LLC, Managing Partner of Global Funding Partners LLC, and Director of a publicly-traded company. She holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA in Global Management. Currently authoring two books, she plans future studies in public policy, international relations, and international law.  www.sig-international.net

O’Neill, Michael J., Retired, USAF, Technical Sergeant, Command and Control Supervisor; former Screening (Operations) Manager, TSA-DHS

Michael J. O’Neill successfully completed his 20-year Air Force career in March 2001 with an honorable discharge. For most of his 20-year career, Michael supervised command post operations, managed training programs, and maintained accountability for DoD Top Secret Communications Security (COMSEC) documents and NSA-approved encryption equipment.  He served as the communications specialist at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Center, J-3C, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station. Later, Mr. O’Neill instructed at the 21st Crew Training Squadron, Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, for three years, teaching the JCS’ Alerting System, emergency communications, and other NORAD-approved lessons.  In November 2001, he began working as contract security screener; the following year, he successfully transitioned to the Transportation Security Administration, at Mid-Continent Airport. By December 2002, Michael was promoted to screening manager.  He earned a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is working towards a Master’s degree in Homeland Security, with specialization in transportation.

Pahle, Theodore J., Senior Intelligence Officer (Ret), DIA

Theodore J. Pahle retired in April 2003 as a GG-15 Senior Intelligence Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency.  His 37-year intelligence career was exclusively as a HUMINT operations officer with DIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and U.S. Army Intelligence.  He was assigned extended tours of duty in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; Iran; Germany; Panama; and the United States.  He is a Middle East and Latin American operations specialist.  Today, he continues to support the HUMINT effort as a contract instructor. 

Price, Paul J., Former Language Analyst, NSA (deceased)

Paul Price is a former Navy Communications Technician, and he finished first in Russian courses at Defense Language Institute, George Washington University, and National Cryptologic School.  He briefed current intelligence on the Soviet Union to the Director of NSA.  His junior-level analysis was rewarded, but the mid-level was only accepted, not openly recognized.  And senior level, the finest, met with retaliation, including re-assignment, polygraph exam, and other punishments.  He retired at the end of 97 but continues to write about management actions against analysis.  On Veterans Day of 99, he submitted an open paper, Primacy of Analysis, suggesting reforms of the intelligence process.  These suggestions have yet to be addressed, even today. 

Puello, Franklin, Former Supervisor for Transportation Security Screeners, TSA-DHS

Franklin Puello retired as a Detective from the New York City Police Department after serving with distinction for 20 years. He worked with the NYC Police Department Detective Bureau, the NY Drug Enforcement Task Force, the NY County District Attorney's Office, and the Kings County District Attorney's Office.  Mr. Puello has extensive experience as an Intelligence Analyst and in Risk Assessment and Management, concentrating in narcotics trafficking; drug related homicides, and Counter Terrorism.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Education, and conducted training in criminal Investigations & undercover tactical performance. Mr. Puello traveled throughout the nation to assist in the Federalization and training of the airports screening workforce. After discovering and reporting, to a member of Congress, serious violations of law, acts of wrongdoing, gross mismanagement and waste of funds, and abuse of authority and cover up, he was subjected to intentional discrimination and retaliation.  Presently he is employed by the TSA, and continues to file cases with the EEOC and the OSC.

Reinbold, Thomas G., Retired Lt. Commander, Naval Security Group-Office of Naval Intelligence; Retired Senior Cryptologic Engineer, NSA

LCDR Reinbold worked operational intelligence and OPELINT issues for NSA, the Naval Security Group and ONI. He was the National Operations Department Head for an Intelligence Collection
program, and an NSA field engineer at contractors and field sites. He was a Contracting Officer's Representative-Technical (COR-T). At Sugar Grove, WV field site, he was NSA's on-site senior COR-T on the Maintenance & Engineering Contract, and counterintelligence POC. During his work with NSA at Sugar Grove Mr. Reinbold discovered & reported on conspiratorial contract-tampering. As a result he was retaliated against; the Navy altered his award-fee reports, deleted his accomplishments and cheated the contractor. His TS-SCI security clearance was suspended; he was escorted off base by armed guards. Reinbold is a member of NSWBC and holds a BS in Engineering Technology.

Rempfer, Thomas L., Major (Current)

Major Rempfer’s military service began in 1983 in the active duty USAF, later serving in the Air National Guard and USAF Reserves.  As a 1987 USAF Academy Distinguished Graduate, he went on to pilot F-16s, F-117s, and A-10s.  While a member of the Connecticut National Guard, Major Rempfer and a colleague, Lt. Col Russell E. Dingle, were tasked to research the anthrax vaccine immunization program (AVIP) for their Commander.  The officers warned the chain of command about the vaccine’s experimental status and program’s illegality, but were retaliated against with the loss of their pilot positions.  The officers testified at the first congressional AVIP oversight hearing on March 24, 1999, and have pursued judicial review through a FDA Citizen Petition, the Federal False Claims Act, the CT Whistleblower statute, the CT FOIA process, the USAF Board for Correction of Military Records, and the Federal Administrative Procedures Act.  Lt. Col Dingle passed away in September of 2005.  Major Rempfer continues to pursue corrections of records for all punished Service members.

Rice, Royla L., Former Case Manager/Adjudicator on a federal contract with the Alien Flight Student Program, TSA/DHS 

Royla L. Rice, formerly an intelligence analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency, more recently worked as a case manager for a TSA project to prevent terrorists from receiving flight training from flight schools.  Royla observed and reported incidents of unethical behavior and fraud by the contractor that challenged the credibility of their reports to TSA and superior DHS offices claiming success in meeting the project’s requirements despite knowledge that the database contained inaccurate, incomplete information concerning the flight school applicants.  Royla is a Master’s degree candidate in the American Military University’s Strategic Intelligence program.

Robinson, Dr. Lonnie, Agricultural Specialist, U.S. Customs Service, DHS

Dr. Robinson retired after 30 years in state law enforcement specializing in criminal law, criminal forensic investigation, and corrections.  Later, he served one year as an Agricultural Specialist for DHS/Customs on the border before resigning due to a hostile environment after he reported missing security equipment, security breaches, and acts preventing accountability.  Dr. Robinson has a Master Degree in Public Administration, Ph.D. in Education (law enforcement instruction), and completion of post-graduate work in forensic investigation and homeland security.

Russell, William H., Computer Specialist, R & E Division, NSA

William H. Russell served nine years with the U.S. Secret Service, Washington, D.C. Headquarters as a Computer Systems Analyst, during which he worked on and implemented "Protectee Locator", a real-time computer system for the protection of U.S. Secret Service protectees. He also served nine years with NSA, working with and supervising NSA contractors for the installation and testing of computer systems in Japan and Europe, and served four years as officer and transport pilot with the U.S. Marine Corps. William attended the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Class of 1957, and is a Graduate of McPherson College, Kansas in Business Administration.

Savich, William, Special Agent, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Department of State

William Savich has served for seventeen years in federal law enforcement and served at three American Embassies abroad.  He assisted in overseeing the security program at these posts.  Though presently employed at the State Department, his security clearance has been suspended since June 2003, while under investigation for allegedly violating Department contact reporting policies regarding a relationship with a foreign national.  Despite being cleared by the Department's Human Resources Bureau, which found no evidence that he violated any Department policies; the Bureau of Diplomatic Security has recommended his security clearance be revoked.  He maintains that the revocation proposal is in retaliation for informing others, including congressional representatives, about his case, exposing improper and appalling investigative techniques used in the case, and opposing the Bureau's actions.

Schott, Suzanne Grace Former TSA Screening Supervisor.

Suzanne Grace Schott worked as a flight attendant supervisor for World Airways Inc. In her position at World she ensured FAA compliancy and air cabin safety. In 2002, she joined the Transportation Security Agency as screening supervisor.  While working for the TSA she reported civil rights violations and management abuses. She was subsequently terminated from her position and filed cases with both the OSC and the EEOC. She fought against the MSPB ruling that TSA employees were not granted appeal rights in their whistleblowing cases. She is currently an honors student at Regent University in Virginia Beach Virginia.

Springmann, J. Mike, Foreign Service Officer; Second Secretary & Vice Consul, Department of State

Michael Springmann worked in the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration.  He is a former diplomat with the State Department's Foreign Service, with postings to Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia as Economic/Commercial Officer and Political/Economic Officer (both in Stuttgart), Commercial Attaché (New Delhi), and Chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa Section (Jeddah).  His last assignment was as Economic Analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State; Washington, D.C.  He is the published author of several articles on national security themes, particularly those dealing with relations between the CIA and the Department of State.  He is now an attorney in private practice, admitted to the bars of Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Stella, Marie V., Retired Lead Information System Security Officer, FAA

Marie Stella spent 15 years in technical leadership and management positions in private industry before joining the FAA. At the FAA she served as a lead system engineer, staffer and lead security officer.  She spent FY '03 as a senior researcher at the CTNSP at NDU supporting the NSC on critical infrastructure protection issues and the JPDO. While at FAA, she discovered and reported serious violations, acts of wrongdoing, cover-up and mismanagement.  Despite repeatedly notifying her superiors, the Deputy Administrator, Chief Counsel and Inspector General's office verbally and in writing, management not only failed to take corrective action on the problems but also retaliated against her. She retired in October 2005.  She holds a Masters degree in telecommunications engineering from the University of Colorado, is a CISSP, published author and was elected to Who is Who In American Women 2006-2007.




 Sullivan, Brian F., Former Special Agent, FAA

Brian Sullivan worked as a Special Agent for the FAA's New England Region Security Division, where he was a Risk Program Management Specialist.  After retiring in January 2001, Brian coordinated with another former FAA Special Agent/Federal Air Marshal, Steve Elson. Together they teamed up with former FOX 25 Boston reporter Deborah Sherman to produce an award winning expose' of security at Boston's Logan Airport in May '01, five months prior to 9/11.  Despite letters and copies of the video report being delivered to Senator John Kerry and Jane Garvey, the FAA Administrator, who was formerly chief of the Massachusetts Port Authority at Logan, nothing was done to address security concerns there until it was too late.  Brian is a retired Military Police Lieutenant Colonel.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts/History from Northeastern University and a Masters Degree in Education from the former Boston State College.  He is also a graduate of the US Army's Command and General Staff College and has 100s of hours of federal government and military security training. 

Tice, Russ; Former Intelligence Analyst & Action Officer, Air Force, Naval Intelligence, DIA and NSA

Russ Tice worked technical intelligence issues as an all-source analyst, systems instructor, special programs expert, technical missions operations action officer, tasking agent, field intelligence on-site analyst and liaison, and advanced capabilities officer.  Known as a stickler for technical detailed analysis and “by the book” on security regs.  After returning from a temporary overseas assignment in 2001, he observed that a DIA coworker exhibited the classic signs of involvement in espionage.  After quietly reporting this, his suspicion was quickly dismissed by DIA’s counterintelligence (CI) office.  He continued to observe activity to suggest there was a problem and reported such.  He returned to the National Security Agency and, busy with the Iraqi War, dropped the issue. When noting a report that FBI CI agents availed secrets to a China source for sex, he questioned the FBI’s competence.  NSA retaliated by having him declared crazy, revoking his security clearance, and terminating his employment in May 2005.

Tortorich, Larry J., Retired Naval Officer, US Navy & Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA

Larry Tortorich served on active duty in the military for twenty-four years in the fields of aviation and counterterrorism, and then served two years as a federal employee with DHS/TSA in the fields of security and counterterrorism.  While at DHS/TSA, he discovered and reported serious violations, acts of wrongdoing, cover-up and mismanagement.  Despite repeatedly notifying the chain of command verbally and in writing, management failed to take corrective action on the problems revealed.  He was retaliated against by DHS/TSA and he eventually resigned.  He holds a Masters Degree in National Security.

Vincent, John, Veteran Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI 

John Vincent is a graduate of law school. He spent two years in the US Army, one year
working for a US Congressman, and two years working in state government
lawmaking.  He joined the FBI in 1975 and worked there for 27 1/2 years
before retiring in 2002.   He worked his last 8 years in counter terrorism. 
Mr. Vincent, along with Robert Wright exposed  inefficiencies within the FBI
in working counter terrorism cases.

Walp, Glenn A., PhD, Former Office Leader of the Office of Security Inquiries, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Glenn Walp worked as the Office Leader of the Office of Security Inquiries at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he denuded major crimes, mismanagement, corruption, and cover-up, as well as crucial security and safety breeches. His exposures helped result in 3 Congressional Hearings, the firings/reassignments of 19 lab officials, and that the contract to manage Los Alamos be put up for bid for the first time since the beginning of the Manhattan Project. Walp is a 35-year veteran law enforcement officer, working 29 years with the Pennsylvania State Police, retiring as Commissioner, and a member of the Governor’s Cabinet, and being the Chief of Police for 2 entities in Arizona. He has a BA in criminology, MA in criminal psychology and a PhD in criminal justice, and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Executive Institute.



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