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National Security Whistleblowers Coalition


The NSWBC is of national security whistleblowers for national security whistleblowers.  In order to be eligible for membership in the NSWBC you must be a current or former employee of the government or a current or former civilian contractor who blew the whistle concerning an agency or governmental activity that substantially implicates national security matters or concerns.  All applicants must indicate acceptance of  the NSWBC - General Agreement below. 

To the extent they are able and permitted by their employment conditions, members of the NSWBC should stand ready to help with NSWBC activities, act as a resource for advice and knowledge for NSWBC members in need, and be willing to support and facilitate NSWBC advice to congressional staff, administrators and members of allied public interest organizations.

Membership in the NSWBC is free, and each application for membership is evaluated by the Executive Committee of the NSWBC. 

To apply for membership, please provide the following information and indicate acceptance of  the NSWBC - General Agreement.


Contact Information:


City:       State:   ZIP:


Home:    Cell:         


Blew the whistle against which government agency?


Brief description of your whistleblowing activity (e.g. dates, nature of whistleblowing) and any retaliation or other unfavorable treatment that came as a result of your disclosures.

All applicants must accept the following  NSWBC - General Agreement. 

I Accept:      Yes       No




P.O. Box 320518

Alexandria, VA  22320