June 14, 2005

Dear Mr. Moore:

Please let Congressman Davis know my significant displeasure with his apparent stripping of the key provisions of HR-1317 to protect whistleblowers, most especially those involving issues with National Security implications. I am a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the legacy Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs. I have seen abuses of those who have in good conscience blown the whistle on serious problems within their respective agencies. I simply do not understand why my party (Republican) of more than 30 years does not take the whistleblower issue and run with it. We should be actively supporting and protecting those whose only crime is their love for this nation and their desire to protect it from terrorists.


I am a proud charter member of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) because I believe what Sibel Edmonds and the others are doing is right. I think I also have significant credibility in that my name has been submitted to the White House for one of three senior positions within Homeland Security. I have made it clear to those who have or are supporting my nomination that one of the first things I would do is vigorously enforce the Whistleblower Protection Act and support strong protections for whistleblowers rather than the fašade that is there today.


While still employed as the Resident Agent in Charge, I appeared on ABCĺs PrimeTime Live in 1998 over the strenuous objections of my agency. I confirmed that my office had overseen an internal investigation that verified that my agency had allowed some 55,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States over the course of four years. My Agency was forced to admit it ONLY after I went on national television. Who the hell gives these agencies the right to lie to the American people? I retired 6 months after I appeared on PrimeTime Live. You figure out why. Those who allowed the criminal activities to go on are now safely retired.


If we, as Republicans, are serious about protecting our homeland we had better pay attention to those who have put their names and reputations on the line for this nation. If  those in NSWBC are dismissed as disgruntled employees you are making a serious mistake. Their only goal is the security of the United States and they make their points at great personal costs.


Please have the good Congressman to put the rather important provisions back in the bill. Consider who is being protected with the removal of the provisions. They are the real threat to this nation.


Mark Conrad

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Attorney at Law

Troy University-Dothan Campus

P.O. Box 8684

Dothan, AL 36304