Rep. Tom Davis-R, Chairman, Virginia

2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515

Tel: (202) 225-5074, Fax: (202) 225-3974



Dear Congressman Davis,


As a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, it’s beyond me to understand why any true American would want to protect those in our federal service who mislead and mismanage others.  By introducing a watered down and virtually inconsequential HR 1317, that is exactly what you are doing. 


Many patriotic Americans have suffered at the hands of disingenuous and unqualified individuals.   We only ask that you provide the means for management to be held accountable for their decisions; justify disciplinary actions and rectify their mistakes.  After all, these are public civil servants and they should answer to the People.  Particularly, when the purpose of the protected disclosure is to support public safety and security.  As a fellow conservative, I am sure you can understand this necessity.   As HR 1317 is currently written, there continues to be no accountability for inappropriate acts and in fact, it sanctions “retaliation” as the preferred management practice to avoid dealing with the real problems of our homeland security capability.   


I am one of those patriots who have lost everything- my retirement, my kids’ college savings, our house, and even my livelihood.  I was once a Director of Security for a major western NY Airport.  Now, I am lucky to have a job sweeping floors, just because I sought to have my subordinate, a career federal employee, formally investigated for violations of security directives and homeland security policy that his own subordinates disclosed to me in July 2003.  My actions were consistent with TSA Management Policy, Office of Chief Counsel recommendations and CFR.  Despite that, I was presented a letter of termination of my employment as a retaliatory measure.  It is very disheartening to my family and me that those who violated policy and regulations are still employed by TSA and collecting salaries while I struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, acts of gross mismanagement and breaches of security continue this day under a now entrenched cloak of secrecy.  Others, who I used to work with, have reported serious lapses in security operations.  However, they too have been dismissed or relocated (retaliated against) for doing their job in accordance to policy.


Now, you have the opportunity to right these wrongs.  Please do the right thing.  Do not protect incompetence, illegal terminations and mismanagement.  Those of us who took the oath to “protect the people of the United States and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”- we who stand by those words, need your help.   


As a Chief I have lots of friends in the Navy who are stationed in Norfolk and elsewhere around Virginia. Many of them are retiring soon and would like to become a part of our federal services, just as I did.  But, why would they want to subject themselves to an organization that protects incompetence and illegal management practices while retaliating against upstanding patriots who have served this great Country with honor and distinction. 


Think about it Mr. Davis.  It’s up to you to break this devious trend of protectionism and cronyism that prevails throughout DHS and other federal agencies.  We will be watching your actions with particular interest.  Please amend HR 1317 to include all the provisions that are currently in S. 494.  This is the only way we can ensure that the Homeland is on the right track to peak security.  



J. W. Stroup